Come and See: Your Journey Awaits

It’s hard not to be drawn in – such a simple invitation.  Crafted with care. Red ribbon draped over. Sealed and signed with love.  In that brief moment to know you are thought of, chosen to be on a privy guest list, and your presence greatly desired.  Who knew black on white opened and read with haste could evoke such feelings of significance and worth. No desire to impress, appease or win favour cloud the potent words. They simply read: “Come and See”.

God's word

In a font as familiar and plain as your morning toast, the words could easily slip through the moment – adding to the crumbs on the kitchen floor. Who sends an invitation that bold yet vague? There must be more to uncover.

Deeper insight reveals this isn’t a one-time event, like a wedding. Months of preparation all culminating into glorious hours of bliss, then as vanishing as the setting sun, the party fades into the night and you return to life as you know it.

No, this is a life-engaging call to walk in His steps.  To feel the sand kicking up from His heels and landing on your feet, for miles and miles on end.  To be given new grace eyes to see His hands as they reach out with love towards humanity.  To embrace a simpler life.  One permanently marked with purpose, joy and fearless obedience.

Ever pretended not to have received a less than desirable party invitation? Surely, it wouldn’t be the first time for one to slip into the abyss under the refrigerator!

This is different though. Those words carry a unique weight to them, penned as light as air yet lived out with a covenant-like commitment.  The obvious questions and doubts surface quickly. Where will this R.S.V.P. lead to?  Can He be trusted?  What will be seen along the way?

Come & See

This is the rest of the story. What a “Yes” adventure lived out with passion, abandon, and messy grace moments can look like. A choice to embrace the invitation, yet unknowingly be issued a passport to journey far beyond all limitations, to the very brink and back.  A call to follow Him up to the victory mountains, deep into the valley of the shadow of death, over wearisome deserts of doubt, into a hope haven of miracles, and right to the very heart of God.  Each passport page stamped as a reminder to give Him honour – the one who daily calls our name.

Our greatest well of joy is often found in our deepest pit of struggle.  Ever wrestled with life questions that hang over you like thick mist in the early morning? This journey seems to surface them all.

Do people really change? Is God good when life falls apart? Am I worth it? Where is the hope? Is victory within reach?

The dusty road in step with Him brings unexpected answers.  Lives written off as otherwise dead to the wEbenezerorld, no soul pulse whatsoever, then the unthinkable happens.  A shallow breath, and then another, and another, colour restored and hope revived. No reason to believe, except that two eyes don’t lie while walking in the shadow of the Giver of Life. There are no words to describe what it is like dining with the once dead, who are now serving the potatoes with gladness.

Ebenezer – “Thus far the Lord has helped us” is the declaration to celebrate!  Stones piled high to mark a new life restored, redeemed and rebuilt. Forever changed and repurposed for a high calling from the King himself.

So, come with me.  Come and see with me. Walk the worn path of grace that He has chartered out and gain a fresh vision of a life beyond yourself.  Don’t be surprised if you see further and deeper and wider than ever before. To see lives you never noticed, everyday miracles that change your perspective of all that life can hold.  I can promise you this – your “Yes” is all that He needs for the greatest adventure of your life.

By Sue Broshear

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