The Monster at our Door

I could almost feel him approaching our door. Hideous to behold, with ill intent in each step.  Just in time to rob the joy season that was fast approaching, of its beauty.

That greedy monster named Entitlement – how quickly he can exchange our contentment for a never-content-without-more attitude.  I’ve so often wrestled with his lies, that I deserve to have this, and could never be happy without that.  He turns our eyes to our naval, and our hearts towards the lack, rather than the abundance. Leaving us hollow within, and shallow to a watching world.

The vice grip of selfishness around young hearts is what I dread most.  How do I teach our kids to not succumb, when I myself am a guilty victim?  Can we celebrate a Christmas without complaining, comparing or competing for more?

This has led me to search for an antidote this year. Partly for our cuties in their snowman fleece prints, but more so for this mama.  A lent of sorts for my soul – to purge the greed and entitlement, in hopes to uncover a simpler joy as the manger draws near.

The cloth-wrapped King gives himself to a broken world with no expectation, only love strings attached.

Then it clicks for me. Just as love and fear can’t co-exist within my heart, neither can I be a taker while choosing to be a giver.

Giving extinguishes the entitlement and selfishness with love force. This year, we’re trying something new. We are flipping Advent on its head in our home.  Each day we extend our arms with a gift to prepare Him room, and exchange our pride for humility. It’s only just begun, but already I can see that monster hesitating to come near and passing this home by.  Let’s keep it that way!

One simple act that has precipitated great heart change has involved folding cloths – just ordinary face cloths.  We sit around this big old table. We twist, fold, glue, and laugh.

Ideas started to form as these cloth owls took shape.  Who could we bless if someone would buy one.  The entrepreneur boy of 5 years, thought Haiti’s kids needed homes and the homeless would love a meal.

This Mama of little faith thought maybe 20 Owls would fly out the door, but he said his goal was 100.  He was right. 109 to be exact!

There’s nothing like giving to change you, except giving with a goal alongside those you love.

Blessings to you,

~ Sue

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