New Year, New Truths, New You

Dear Friend,

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

If there was one gift I could deliver to your door this day, it would be encased in words instead of wrapping. A declaration of who you are, what you mean to others, and who you can become in 2019. Unwrap the truths that you need most, then tuck them into your heart, to be re-visited as often as you need.

You are confident & capable, brimming with Grace and patience.

You speak with a voice of authority, and others listen to your words intently.

You are captivating, intriguing and worthy of love.

You are flooded with wisdom and others eagerly anticipate your faithful instruction.

You are an overcomer & you are free. No one, no thing, not your past, nor your future, can rob you of your freedom.

You are uniquely gifted to fulfill an important role, and others are blessed when you step into your calling.

You are not what others think or say about you. You are loved, respected and talked about very highly by God.

Richest Blessings to you,


One thought on “New Year, New Truths, New You

  1. Sue what wonderful words God has spoken through you. Thank you and
    God Bless you and your beautiful family richly this year. Hugs xo. Linda


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